Completed Projects:

On a quiet Midwest campus right before Christmas, one shocking moment causes Simone Archer’s world to explode. In this desperate time, Simone’s thoughts flash to Connor—the love she found last Christmas, shortly after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The love she since lost. Simone’s story unfolds in alternating timelines: In the past, her relationship with Connor builds as she navigates an unpredictable illness; in the present, she must fight for her own life as well as her best friend’s. As the timelines intersect, Simone must find the strength to fight for her future and reclaim the love she lost. THE SPEED OF LIGHT is the perfect combination of heart-stirring emotion and heart-pounding adrenaline for fans of How to Walk Away and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

When Winter Fitzgerald discovers her sister was murdered, she must find the killer in her small Minnesota hometown. But the search reveals dark family secrets, and the closer she gets to the truth, the more dangerous the search becomes. WITHOUT JUNE is a twisty upmarket suspense that leaves you guessing until the final shocking pages.

With an asteroid on course to hit Earth, best friends Lilia and Magda journey across an apocalyptic Midwest toward one last shuttle launch. Lilia must find the courage to return to her family, and Magda must decide if revenge is worth dying for. THOSE WE LEFT BEHIND, a 2016 Pitch Wars novel with series potential, is Thelma and Louise meets Station Eleven.

Work in Progress:

Rosalie Hopkins is too busy with her stressful job as a communications consultant to attend the twenty-year reunion for her college study abroad trip to Ireland. All it will do is remind her of a time she can never get back — a time when she was reckless and carefree. It will also remind her that her classmate, a quiet, lonely girl named Rebecca, drowned on that trip, and no one ever found out why. But when another classmate dies mysteriously just days before the reunion, Rosalie realizes she can’t ignore the past forever. WHEN SHE DROWNED follows Rosalie on a dual timeline twenty years ago on that fateful trip, and her present-day search for the truth that reveals dark secrets among the best of friends.